Call Us First

Give your child the best care possible by bringing them to the physicians that knows them the best!

Walk-in and Urgicare centers don’t know your child like we do!

One of our Pediatric Associates of Plainview doctors is on-call 24/7 in order to provide the best possible care to your child.

We understand having a sick child can be stressful. Depending on the nature of your child’s injury or illness, our doctors will be able to determine the best possible care for your child, whether it is seeking care immediately or waiting until the next morning.

Because we have been providing top-notch care for your child and know the intricacies of their medical history including allergies, medications, and more, let us be there for your family.

Our massapequa pediatrics services
We are the most experienced with your child’s medical needs. We are concerned about excessive over-usage of Urgent Care centers.

Urgent care and walk-in centers are less desirable because:

  • Pediatricians are often not the one to treat your child
  • Misdiagnosis more likely when seen by a non-pediatrician who doesn’t have your past history
  • Wrong antibiotics/medications may be given when allergy or past response information is unavailable
  • No continuity of your care with us – despite you providing our name, many walk-ins do not even tell us you were there
  • No accountability – urgent care centers often direct you to call us about questions that arise after you left them rather than respond directly to you
  • Unnecessary testing – more likely if a child is seen by a physician who was trained to see adults
  • More expensive co-pays/higher fees


We cannot help you if we don’t see you!


Please don’t hesitate to call and check in with us as to what to do.

In the event of a true medical emergency, call 911! Then… call us!

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