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Dr. Gail Kaden, Dr. Ilyse Nayor, and Dr. Brian Rabinowitz are pleased to introduce you to Pediatric Associates of Plainview, an independently owned and operated practice. Our philosophy, dating back to when we initially began this practice in 1999, was and is to give quality pediatric care with a personal touch. We provide the Nassau County community with a local pediatrician in Levittown.

Dr. Kaden, Dr. Nayor, and Dr. Rabinowitz are board-certified pediatricians, fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics and members of the Nassau Pediatric Society. Since completing the residency program at Long Island Jewish Medical Center (Cohen Children’s Medical Center), all three doctors have remained involved in teaching.

We encourage wellness checks at the following intervals


2 to 4 days after leaving hospital.


Every month for the first six months of life, then every 2-3 months until one year of age.


Every three months between ages 1 and 2, then at age 2 ½.


Every year from ages 3 to 23.

Our On-Call Schedule:

Either Dr. Kaden, Dr. Nayor, or Dr. Rabinowitz are on call. There is no covering group; we are always available for our patients through our service at (516) 656-5238. (Our service number is also available after hours on our answering machine.) Same day sick appointments are routinely available. Sunday morning urgent care visits are also available


Our hospital privileges are at:

North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset
Cohen Children’s Medical Center (Northwell)
Winthrop Hospital in Mineola (NYU Langone)

We accept many insurance plans, including the following:

1199 SEIU
Anthem BCBS (Commercial, Child Health Plus)
Beech Street Corporation
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Emblem (HIP Premium Network, HIP Prime, CHP, Medicaid)
Empire Government (NYSHIP)
GHI- HMO, CBP Network
Great West
Health First (Medicaid, Child Health Plus)
Horizon Healthcare
Letters Carriers
Oxford Health Plan
United Healthcare

Directions From Levittown To Our Location!

The Importance of a Local Pediatrician

Here at Pediatric Associates of Plainview, we place a strong emphasis on the overall health and well-being of our young patients. Our mindset is that we want parents to feel that our office can serve as their home away from home, giving everyone peace of mind and relaxed comfort. Our practice has been serving the Long Island community since 1999, providing our patients with a quality pediatrician in Levittown. For more information on how you may contact our office, please visit our contact us page here. Otherwise, continue reading this article for tips on how a pediatrician can benefit your child!

Benefits of a Local Pediatrician

Regular check-ins are an absolute necessity in this day and age, for yourself and for your children. By forming a strong relationship with your pediatrician in Levittown, you can happily have all of your questions answered and improve your child’s overall well-being. As your child grows, they’ll feature a plethora of changes that can be carefully analyzed by our pediatrician. Examples of these changes can include some of the following:

  • Changes in Behavior: Naturally, we understand that parenting comes with an abundance of difficulties. Monitoring your child’s ever-changing behavior certainly falls under this category. However, it can be strenuous for a parent to try and dissect just what is going on inside the minds of their children. Thankfully, your local pediatrician can help determine underlying issues that could be affecting your children. Some customary examples that are picked up in early development can include ADHD and sleep apnea.
  • Growth Patterns: With regular visits, your pediatrician in Levittown can steadily follow the development of your child. By keeping track of their growth, they can monitor specific patterns that your child is experiencing. This can help lead to early identification of any future complications.
  • Weight Problems: Recurring appointments can also be utilized to help monitor the correlation between your child’s weight and height. Unfortunately, childhood obesity has seen a large uprise in recent years. When it comes to obesity, preventive measures are key for your children. Your pediatrician in Levittown can work with you to establish a satisfactory healthy eating plan, while also suggesting exercises that can be performed at a young age.
  • Nutritional Advice: Stemming from obesity issues, many children to lack necessary intake for Vitamin D and other necessary supplements. This poses a serious problem as it can lead to future health complications. Remember, calcium is vital for healthy bones!
  • Vaccinations: Your pediatrician can also work with you to ensure that your child’s vaccines are fully up to date.

Contacting our Pediatrician in Levittown

If you’re interested in consulting with a local pediatrician in Levittown regarding these helpful tips for your child, don’t hesitate to contact Pediatric Associates of Plainview today!

Avoiding Sunburn

Now that summer is here, what better way to enjoy than by spending times outside by the pool or at the beach? Both are great ways to spend time with your family, while also keeping the kids entertained all day long. With all those hours in the sun though, it is important to routinely apply sunscreen as well as encourage your children to wear sun protective clothing. Anyone, especially children, can become sunburned after just 15 minutes of being out in the sun. You might be thinking, it definitely takes longer than 15 minutes, but the side effects of sunburn, like redness or discomfort don’t always surface until hours later.

Pediatrician in Levittown

Making sure that your children are protected in the sun is extremely important. Unprotected sun exposure can be dangerous for anyone, but especially for kids with moles, freckles, fair skin, and hair, as well as those who have a family history of cancer. If your child is experiencing symptoms of sunburn that are far more serious than just redness or discomfort, it is time to contact a medical professional. Luckily, there is a pediatrician in Levittown that can help treat your child’s pain as well as educate you on future prevention methods.

Sunburn Symptoms

We don’t usually correlate sunburn with a first, second, or third-degree burn, but in reality, it can be considered as one of the three. Depending on the severity of your sunburn, you may experience more pain than just the typical indicators of sunburn. Like, redness, itchiness, and slight pain. If your child is experiencing any of the below symptoms, visit a pediatrician in Levittown as soon as possible:

  • Skin redness and blistering
  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Swelling
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Dizziness

Sunburn Treatments

There is no specific treatment that actually directly treats your burn. When you seek treatment or methods of treatment for sunburn, the main goal is actually just to ease your pain and discomfort. Any other damage that was caused will be healed naturally by your body over time. If your child is extremely uncomfortable though or is experiencing more severe symptoms, you can try any of the below treatment methods:

  • Regularly applying cooling lotions with aloe vera.
  • Have them take a cool (not cold) shower or bath.
  • Apply cold compresses to the skin that was burned.
  • Make sure they are getting proper amounts of fluids so they do not get dehydrated.
  • Give them Tylenol or Advil to reduce their pain.

If none of the above treatments are working, or you feel your child’s sunburn is turning into sun poisoning or blisters, visit a pediatrician in Levittown.

Contact a Pediatrician in Levittown:

There’s no way you can completely avoid the sun this summer. Sunburn can happen, but being smart about it is what’s more important. If your child is suffering from a serious burn from the sun, or you would like some prevention tips, visit  Pediatric Associates of Plainview. When you schedule an appointment with a pediatrician in Levittown, know that your child’s health and well-being are their top priority!

Childhood Asthma – Pediatrician in Levittown

Our Levittown PediatriciansWhen the lungs and airways become swollen after exposure to certain stimulates, this is known as asthma. Approximately 7 million children are affected by asthma in the United States, experiencing symptoms by the age of five. Asthma is considered to be the main cause of chronic illness in children and can seem to prevent them from going about their usual activities. If your child is experiencing symptoms of asthma, contact a pediatrician in Levittown with Pediatric Associates of Plainview!

What causes asthma in children?

Although the causes of asthma are not completely understood, researchers are still exploring the exact causes of its development. These factors are considered to play an important role in the cause of asthma:

  • Genetics– it is common that asthma runs in the family. If you or your partner have asthma, your child has a higher chance of having it too!
  • Respiratory infections – During infancy and early childhood, your child’s lungs are still in the process of developing. If your child had a respiratory infection at a young age, this may have caused damage to the lung tissue, which would lead to long-term effects. 
  • Exposure to environmental stimulates– Viral infections, allergens, dust, irritants, whatever the case may be, this can be having an impact on your child’s asthma, especially when your child is exposed before their immune system is fully matured. 
  • Allergies– Allergies, like asthma, can be genetic and some allergies may cause symptoms of asthma to occur. 

Your pediatrician in Levittown can help you narrow down which factor is the root cause of your child’s asthma. 

What are the symptoms of childhood asthma?

Not every child experiences the same symptoms of asthma and the same child can experience different symptoms in each episode they have. The most common symptoms are:

  • Coughing spells during the night, while laughing, or while crying
  • Shortness or loss of breath
  • Exhaustion
  • A decrease in energy levels during playtime
  • Rapid breathing
  • Expressing the feeling of chest tightness or hurting
  • Wheezing

When diagnosing your child for asthma, your pediatrician in Levittown may ask questions regarding your child’s medical history and symptoms, perform a physical exam and tests, such as x-rays or spirometry. 

How is childhood asthma treated?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma. However, there are ways a pediatrician in Levittown can help minimize the severity of the episodes:

  • Long-term medications– these can be taken daily, which reduces your child’s airway inflammation. 
  • Quick-relief medications– these are specifically for a quick-relief during an asthma attack or prior to exercising. They can instantly open up swollen airways. 
  • Allergy medications– If the asthma is caused by allergies, your child may benefit from this, whether taken orally or nasally.
  • Allergy shots– Although getting a shot can be a child’s worst nightmare, these can reduce your child’s immune system reaction to allergens. 

Pediatrician in Levittown

There are many ways to treat your child’s asthma, all of which depend on the severity of the symptoms. Your pediatrician in Levittown will help administer the correct treatment that is specific to your child’s asthma. If you believe your child is suffering from asthma, contact Pediatric Associates of Plainview! Our pediatricians in Levittown are dedicated to helping your child find the treatment they need!

The Importance Of Routine Immunizations

Maybe now more than ever, the talk of vaccines has dominated the majority of the news cycle. While discussions are currently focused on creating a new vaccine that will end a pandemic, you can’t overlook the importance of routine immunizations. To keep your child fully protected, our team at Pediatric Associates of Plainview highly recommends following the CDC’s immunization schedule. To learn more about this schedule, and the benefits of sticking to it, please continue reading or contact our Pediatrician in Levittown.

The Vaccine Calendar

Vaccines are safe for nearly all children to take. To keep children protected from disease, the CDC has created a calendar that our team goes by when offering vaccinations. The calendar ranges from the birth of children until they are 18 years old and dictates how many doses are needed to have the maximum immunization results. Vaccines for a wide range of illnesses are listed, including just some of the below:

  • Hepatitis A and B.
  • Rotavirus.
  • Influenza.
  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.
  • HPV.

The Benefits Of Routine Immunization

In recent years, there has been a push back from a portion of the public regarding vaccinations. While it’s easy to find someone posting about why they won’t vaccinate their children, it’s important to remember that vaccinations help to keep your kids safe. By coming in for routine immunizations, you’ll ensure your child does not contract any illnesses that could have otherwise been avoided. Another benefit is that immunizations help keep what is known as herd immunity, which helps to stop the spread of dangerous diseases.  

Choosing Our Pediatrician in Levittown

When you’re looking to keep your child happy and healthy, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment with our team at Pediatric Associates of Plainview. We strictly follow the CDC guidelines for when it comes to immunizations, ensuring your child receives the right vaccinations at the recommended time.  

Contact Our Pediatrician in Levittown

Routine immunization plays a pivotal role in the health of your child. While you may be uneasy about following the recommended schedule, our team highly recommends that you stick to this plan. At Pediatric Associates of Plainview, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and administer these vaccinations to your child. To schedule your first appointment with our Pediatrician in Levittown, contact our team today.   

Keeping Your Child Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Although many people spend all year waiting for the colder months to roll around, this season is commonplace for children to get sick. Here at Pediatric Associates of Plainview, we want to help parents protect their children from illnesses during the cold and flu season. To do this, our Pediatrician in Levittown would like to offer up some advice that is effective and easy to follow. Please continue reading this blog for more information on this topic. 

Increase Hand Washing

As a parent, you should always be encouraging your children to wash their hands. However, during cold and flu season, this task becomes especially critical. Your child can pick up germs as they touch a variety of surfaces throughout the day. As more people become sick in the winter, more and more surfaces may house these germs. By having your child regularly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water throughout the day, you increase the chances of avoiding injury.

The Flu Vaccine  

Another great way to keep your child healthy is to have them get the flu vaccine. These shots are produced each year to help combat the flu strains that are most likely to be prominent. By scheduling an appointment with our Pediatrician in Levittown, this shot can be administered, allowing them to receive a more considerable degree of protection.

Additional Protection Methods

Cold and flu season can be devastating for the health of your child. That is why you must do everything in your power to keep them protected. At Pediatric Associates of Plainview, our Pediatrician in Levittown has the advice you need for you to accomplish this goal. Additional ways to keep your child healthy may include the following:

  • Make sure your children are getting at least eight hours of sleep each night.
  • Keep children away from those who may be sick.
  • Have them avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect surfaces around your home.
  • Provide your child with nutritionally sound meals to keep their immune system healthy.  

Schedule An Appointment With Our Pediatrician in Levittown

Even after following all of the above guidelines, your child can still get a cold or the flu. When this happens, you’ll want them to receive the best care possible. Our Pediatrician in Levittown at Pediatric Associates of Plainview is well versed in helping children with these illnesses. To allow them to receive the care that they need, be sure to contact us today and schedule an appointment.

COVID-19 vs. The Flu: Telling The Difference In Your Child

pediatrics Levittown NY

Our pediatrics Levittown NY at Pediatric Associates of Plainview office knows flu season can be stressful for parents. If your child is feeling under the weather, it can be difficult to recognize the underlying reason for their illness. With COVID-19 affecting the whole world, it can be difficult to properly diagnose your child due to the similarities it has with the flu. Both the flu and COVID-19 are very contagious respiratory illnesses with similar symptoms. Some of these similar symptoms include fevers, coughs, runny noses, fatigue, sore throat, headaches, muscle pain, and commonly in children vomiting or diarrhea. Varying degrees of symptoms for both viruses can range from no symptoms to severe symptoms. However, there are key differences between the two viruses. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between the flu and COVID-19.

Differences Between COVID-19 and Influenza

There are many different factors that distinguish both COVID-19 and the flu from each other that our pediatrics Levittown NY wants to share with you. COVID-19 is caused by a virus known as SARS-CoV-2 while the flu is caused by influenza viruses. The flu can cause mild to severe illnesses while COVID-19 can cause more serious illnesses. COVID-19 can also cause more serious illnesses, spread quicker, and take longer for symptoms to show which can make someone more contagious. The flu’s serial interval is about 3 days while COVID-19’s is about 5-6 days. Mortality rates appear to be higher in COVID-19 rather than the flu. In children, they are essential drivers to the spread of the flu while COVID-19 seems to not affect children as much as adults. Children are more at risk of obtaining a severe influenza virus rather than COVID-19 which affects more of the elderly and people who suffer from certain diseases that can increase the risk of severe infections. One of the biggest differences between the two viruses is that there is a vaccine for the flu and not for COVID-19. It’s important to get a test for COVID-19 to really find a true diagnosis for your child. 

Local Pediatrician in Levittown NY

Flu season can create many questions for parents whose children are showing symptoms of influenza. COVID-19 and the flu both share similar symptoms that can cause confusion when trying to distinguish both viruses. The only true way of finding out is to get tested for COVID-19. Pediatric Associates of Plainview’s pediatrics Levittown NY office can help with any information you may need if you’re not sure if your child has the flu or COVID-19. For more information check out our website. 

Here’s What Our Patients Have To Say About Us

  • “The absolute best pediatricians, especially Dr. Nayor. My family has been seeing her for 27 years, since my oldest child was born, and we’ve been using them ever since. Truly wonderful doctors, genuinely caring human beings!!! I would highly recommend them” LisaReview pediatrician in Levittown
  • “The most amazing pediatric office. So caring and thorough and patient. Dr. Nayor is the very best!” Susanne LoFasoReview pediatrician in Levittown
  • “I’ve been going here for nearly 4 years, and it’s a really good place to go, I’ve always had my questions answered and gotten the best help they could possibly give if I’d had any problems. The people here genuinely do care about aiding and treating your children and will do whatever they can for your wellbeing. I thank all of the staff here, Dr. Kaden, Dr. Nayor, and Dr. Rabinowitz. They have helped me a lot and I’m sure they haven’t done any less for others.” jason toddReview pediatrician in Levittown
  • “All doctors are excellent. Good experience for the whole family.” denise foxReview pediatrician in Levittown
  • “Dr. R is the best.. both my kids have been seeing him since they were born. he is attentive answer all my questions. office is freshly remodel. def recommend” na Me
  • “Love these doctors! Supportive, patient & so kind! Also very convenient and whenever I call they get me right in!” Catherine Koppie
  • “All 3 doctors are amazing. The office is so sweet as well. They call back to answer questions. I can count on these Doctors and their professional advice. I recommend them to everyone.”Angela Calabrese
  • “Pediatric Associates has been my children’s family doctor for 15 years. It was a blessing when one of my friends told me about them. I called them immediately then visited. My son just turned one and his first appointment was dec 5 2005 I will never forget. To this day all my other children were born under the umbrella of Pediatric Associates. It’s a honor to write a Review about the doctors and the staff on sight for over 15 years. Dr. Robinawitz, Dr. Kaden and Dr. Nayor has been the utmost part of our lives they have taking great care of my children over the years I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my children life it’s one thing I know thanks to those 3 my children are well medically groomed lol. It’s a honor to shout y’all out… I love you guys… to the staff you guys have been nothing but big laughs and happy moments not a dull memory in the office. Staff, Drs and patients are one big happy family and it has been this way for years I am bless to have such quality Drs in my children life i am grateful and i am honored. Thank you from Nathaniel, Dominic and Ariah’s family” Tye Sam
  • “We have been patients of Dr Kaden & Dr Nayor for 18 years. They have taken excellent care of my daughters from the day they were born. Whether a well visit or sick visit, they are always patient, thorough and do not rush through the visit. Thank you all for your great care.” –  Jessica Fiore
  • “Fantastic doctors and staff. They always go out of their way to make my children feel comfortable. Next to no waiting time in the waiting room. We are always taken right in.” Karen Spaventa
  • “Dr Nayor goes above and beyond for your child! She is the absolute best pediatrician!” Laura McNeice
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