Signs of Pediatric Hearing Issues

Do you think your child is having hearing problems? If you do, get a pediatric hearing test on Long Island. Pediatric Associates of Plainview can help your child by providing services they need to improve their hearing. It is so important to address this issue as soon as you can because hearing loss can affect your child’s ability to develop social skills, speech, and language. 


What is Hearing Loss?

Hearing Loss can develop when any part of the ear is not functioning correctly. Hearing loss can be mild, moderate, or severe and can affect both ears or just one. A child can be diagnosed with hearing loss if they cannot hear a sound below a certain level while taking a pediatric hearing test on Long Island. 


Signs of Hearing Loss pediatric hearing test on Long Island

The signs of hearing loss vary from child to child. However, if you notice any of the following symptoms in your child, be sure to schedule a pediatric hearing test on Long Island:

Signs in Babies

  • Not startled by loud noises
  • Do not recognize parents voice by three months of age
  • Is not saying single words by the age of 1
  • Does not turn their head toward a sound by six months of age

Signs in Children

  • Speech is delayed and not clear
  • Puts the volume of their music or TV too high 
  • Not responding to their name being called
  • Trouble hearing over background noise
  • Learning difficulties 


Screening and Diagnosis

A hearing screening is how you can tell whether a child has hearing loss or not. It is straightforward, painless, and short procedure. For babies, they should have a hearing screening no later than one month of age. For children, they should have a hearing screening before they go to school. Or earlier, if you notice certain signs of hearing loss. For both babies and children, if they do not pass their hearing screening, a full hearing test should be administered as soon as possible. 



While there is no single treatment for every individual, the best treatment plans include close monitoring and consistently following up. There are many different communication options when it comes to children with hearing loss. For example, sign language, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and in some cases, medicine and surgery. 


Contact Us For a Pediatric Hearing Test on Long Island

If you think your child has difficulty hearing, visit Pediatric Associates of Plainview for a pediatric hearing test on Long Island. Getting a hearing screening is the first step in identifying the issue before it becomes worse and more challenging to treat, so call today! 

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