The Importance of Pediatric Physicals

As your child ages, it becomes more and more essential to ensure everything is going smoothly. Taking your child for a pediatric physical in Nassau County can help to keep your child healthy and make sure there are no problems. Physicals make sure there are no immediate health issues, and if there are, the doctor can help guide you to get your child the care they may need. If your child requires a physical for any reason, contact the team at Pediatric Associates of Plainview.

Pediatric physical in Nassau County


Getting a physical exam for your child is vital in all aspects as they continue to age. Doctors are there to make sure your child is not suffering from any issues that may hinder their health and can provide treatments for a variety of issues your child may have. They cover all aspects of your child’s growth, physically and mentally, in an effort to maintain overall positive health status. They examine the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and other parts of your child to make sure everything is normal. The earlier doctors are able to examine your child, the earlier they will be able to treat your child if there is some sort of problem. 

What to Expect

When you take your child to their physicals, there are a few topics the doctor will go over to make sure there are no problems.

  • Sleep – the doctor will ask your child about how they are sleeping. This is to go over if they are having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much and see if there are any underlying issues that they may need extra help with.
  • Safety – making sure your child is safe at home and at school is important. If factors are threatening their safety, there are options that the doctor will go over with you.
  • Childhood diseases – this is part of their medical history, and it keeps the doctor aware of any issues that may come up in the future or look for when they are examining your child,
  • Growth Expectations – the doctor will give you a series of expectations as your child grows. They will make sure they are developing the proper way and make you aware of any growing pains or abnormalities that can be treated.

Pediatric physical in Nassau County

Getting a physical examination for your child is important in ensuring that they are growing at an average rate and there are no issues that need to be treated. If there are issues, the earlier your doctor can identify them, the earlier they can be treated with little to no consequences. Take your child to get a pediatric physical in Nassau County today to make sure your child is healthy and growing properly.

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