The Importance of Well-Child Checks

oyster bay pediatricsWell-child visits are imperative for the development of children. The beginning stages of a child’s life is the time for rapid growth. Bringing your child in for a regular checkup is the key way to keep them healthy. According to the CDC, on average children grow about one inch and gain a pound and a half within the first three months of their life. If your child is in need of a well visit, contact us for Oyster Bay Pediatrics today. 

What is a Well-Child Check?

A well-child check simply is an examination by a pediatrician to check a child’s growth and development. Depending on age, certain things will be focused on more than others. During this examination, pediatricians will record their height, weight, hearing, vision, and various other aspects. This is the time to review your child’s development since the previous visit. 

Why Are Well-Child Checks Necessary?

The purpose of this is to determine or prevent any problems that children may develop. It is significant to understand all aspects of the social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development children may experience. At a young age, children are susceptible to contracting certain illnesses. Through immunizations, these risks are decreased tremendously. 

What Parents Can Do 

There are always ways to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle for your child. Parents are the source of ensuring their child’s health. Below are the following ways that our team of Oyster Bay Pediatrics recommends that parents can establish normal development for their kids:


  • Be sure your child gets enough rest. 


    • Children need about 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is the root for growing bodies to grow well.


  • A balanced diet. 


    • The role of good nutrition supports brain growth and development. 


  • Staying active 


    • Exercise should be performed regularly. Obese children are likely to stay obese into adulthood. Obesity causes numerous health concerns that can shorten one’s life. 


  • Most importantly, talk to your kids about growth.


    • Kids may have questions about their growth. It is significant for them to understand that everyone is different and will grow at different rates.

Pediatric Association of Plainview – Oyster Bay Pediatrics 

The Pediatric Association of Plainview established in 1999, is an independently owned and operated practice. We strive to provide patients with high-quality services and improve or maintain their overall health. Our patients range from newborns, two to four days out of the hospital to adolescents as old as twenty-three. For more information, please visit our website to schedule an appointment for Oyster Bay Pediatrics. 

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