Tips for Keeping Your Child Active

With access to phones, TV, and a wealth of other technology, it can be hard for your child to stay active. Only 1 in 4 children get the recommended hour of physical activity a day! How can we encourage our children to go out on their own? Before we go into that, be sure to contact us at Pediatric Associates of Plainview for a pediatrician in Levittown that can help you in any way.

pediatrician in LevittownTips to Keep Your Children Active

As parents, we can do a lot to help our children stay active. Here are some of the ways our pediatrician in Levittown can help:

  • Emphasizing fun by finding a sport your child enjoys and encouraging them to do it.
  • You are talking to your doctor, a personalized approach that can stick with a lot of children.
  • Planning ahead, making sure they have somewhere to exercise and time to do so.
  • A safe environment by making sure that they can’t hurt themselves wherever they play.
  • Providing toys, such as balls, nets, sticks, and jump rope. 
  • Being a role model, setting a good example for your kids by doing the physical activity yourself.
  • Playing with your children, teaching them a sport, or participating with them goes a long way.
  • Set limits if they’re too glued to their electronics. Make them get off at noon on weekends to go outside, for example.
  • Make time for your child to exercise by perhaps giving them a break from their homework or chores to go outside and play for a bit.
  • Do not overdo it! Every child has to go at their own pace, don’t force them, or they could get hurt or upset.

In addition to this, avoiding sugary drinks and foods and encouraging healthy diet choices go hand in hand. With these tips in mind, you can encourage your child to lead a healthy lifestyle that will stay with them as they grow up.

Contact Our pediatrician in Levittown

We all want the best for our children, and by encouraging them to make healthy choices, we are helping them down a good path. At Pediatric Associates of Plainview, we are committed to giving your child the best care they can receive and offer in-depth wellness checks for every child. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a pediatrician in Levittown.

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