Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy

Keeping your child healthy in the upcoming winter season can be difficult with the variety of colds and illnesses that can go around. By visiting Oyster Bay Pediatrics, a doctor can tend to your child when they are sick and give you advice on how to avoid it. In the meantime, here are some tips to help keep your child healthy and avoid going to the doctor altogether. Contact the team at Pediatric Associates of Plainview today for more information.


SchoolOyster Bay Pediatrics

One way for your child to contract sicknesses is from their peers at school. Here’s what they can do at school to prevent getting sick:

  • One key thing to have your child remember is to wash their hands frequently. Many colds and viruses spread through physical contact, so remind them to wash their hands before they eat and after they use the bathroom. 
  • If they cannot use the bathroom to wash their hands, give them hand sanitizer and tell them to keep their hands away from their face.
  • Tell them to cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Whether it is with a tissue or their elbows, this helps prevent them from spreading something if they do contract something.

If you suspect your child is suffering from a cold or virus, take them to Oyster Bay Pediatrics to make sure it is nothing serious.


Overall Health

A sure way to ensure your child stays healthy and can prevent them from getting sick in the future is instilling healthy habits in them. Here are some habits that can help prevent future issues

  • Feeding your child a variety of healthy foods can keep them not only from getting sick but also prevent other health issues that may come in the future.
  • Make sure your child drinks plenty of water and milk within their diet. The water will help to flush toxins out of their system, and milk provides a great source of calcium to keep them strong and healthy.
  • Make sure your child is getting enough sleep at night. Sleep helps to keep your child prepared and ready for the day to come.
  • Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine with your child. Go for a family walk or family bike ride or encourage them to join sports. 


Oyster Bay Pediatrics

Keeping your child healthy this winter may be difficult, but not impossible. Ensuring they practice healthy habits is a great starting point to make sure you prevent your child from getting sick. Oyster Bay Pediatrics can help if you suspect your child may have caught something.

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