What Are Common Childhood Health Issues

Is your child experiencing minor symptoms, and you’re not sure what’s wrong? There are many common childhood health issues that your child could be experiencing. Pediatric Associates of Plainview is here to help you! Our caring pediatrics Levittown NY can help you determine the causes of your child’s health issues along with providing excellent treatments to help your child to a full and quick recovery!

Some common Childhood Health Issues include:Caring pediatrics Levittown NY

  • Ear Pain– Many factors that can cause ear pain in children; some of the most common include ear infections, swimmer’s ear, colds, or sinus infections. Most of the time, ear pain is caused by viruses that do not need antibiotic treatment. Other causes, such as an ear infection, do require antibiotics to heal.
  • Sore Throat– There are many causes of sore throats in children, the most common being viruses, which do not require antibiotic treatment, and strep throat, which does require antibiotics to heal. 
  • Cough– A cough can be a symptom of many different common health issues, such as a common cold or virus. Cough medicine could be used to help your child’s cough, but it is important to make sure it is safe for your child’s age first! Contact our caring pediatrics Levittown NY for help!
  • Urinary Tract Infection– This is a bladder infection caused by built-up bacteria in the urinary tract. If your child is experiencing symptoms such as burning or pain while going to the bathroom, abdominal pain, or constantly having to go to the bathroom, your child might have a urinary tract infection. Your doctor can prescribe medication for treatment, but first will require a urine sample to make sure it is a urinary tract infection and provide the right treatment. 

Our caring pediatrics Levittown NY is here to help you, but you can also click here to learn more information on common childhood health issues.  

Caring Pediatrics Levittown NY

For help determining the causes of your child’s symptoms and treatment methods, contact our caring pediatrics Levittown NY to make an appointment today. Pediatric Associates of Plainview provides excellent treatment to help your child feel better!

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